Tips & Tricks

Computer cleaning general tips

A few of suggestions to follow when cleaning any computer components or peripherals and tips to help keep a computer clean. 1)Avoid spraying or squirt any liquid onto any computer component. If a spray is needed, spray the liquid onto a cloth. 2) You can use a vacuum to suck up dirt, dust, or hair around the computer. 3) However, do not use a vacuum inside your computer as it may generate static electricity that damages your computer. 4)In case of using a vacuum inside your computer, use a portable battery-powered vacuum or try compressed air. 5)Turn off the computer device before cleaning. 6)When cleaning the back of the computer, if anything is connected make sure not to disconnect the plugs. 7)When cleaning fans, especially smaller fans, hold the fan or place something in-between the fan blades to prevent it from spinning. 8)Spraying compressed air into a fan or cleaning a fan with a vacuum may cause damage or generate a back voltage. 9) Never eat or drink beside or near the computer device. 10) Avoid smoking surrounding the computer.

Common Problems of The Printers and Basic Solution

In our office time, each and every moment is too precious for your business. At that time, we expect the best performance from all of our helping devices. If we don’t get the expected support from a regularly used device like a printer, it makes the situation painful. As knowledge is power. Some basic knowledge of printer troubleshooting can release you from such painful moments. We are going to share 10 common printer problems and the basic solution. 1. Printer won’t turn on 2. Paper jams 3. Slow printer speed 4. Documents printing with streaks 5. Printer documents blotched and faded 6. Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi 7. Wi-Fi printing taking too long 8. Need to secure your printer 9. Can’t print from a mobile device 10. Need to print greener How to fix it? 1. Check to make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device. 2. Run a printer power cycle 3. Set your printer as the default printer 4. Clear the print Queue 5. Reset the service that manages the printing queue 6. Remove and re-add your printer to your device 7. Restart your PC

Basic tips to solve computer device slow issue.

A Few basic recommendations for users to speed up a computer and make it run faster, or determine why a computer is running slow. 1) Reboot 2) Disable Background programs 3) Delete temp files 4) Scan for malware 5) Update the operating system 6) Disable browser plug-ins 7) Update your drivers 8) Reboot the computer again 10) Run a registry cleaner 11) Memory (RAM) upgrade 12) Hard drive upgrade (SSD)