Dell Authorized Service Center

Dell Authorized Service Center


1000fix services ltd. the largest and best computer repair service provider in Bangladesh.

We have a nationwide service location with a skilled and international certified engineering team.

Especially, We provide Warranty and out of warranty service for Dell products. Our services coverage the Dell Laptop, Brand PC, Server and other IT Products produced by Dell technologies.

What we do here?

1000fix services ltd. is the largest and best computer repair service provider in Bangladesh. 

We provide the computer repair service from level 1 to level 3. Repair service includes windows error, software troubleshooting and Hardware trouble shooting. 

1000fix services ltd. specially offers computer home service in Dhaka.

Our expert engineers solve windows errors quickly. Our provide the troubleshooting service for:

Computer running slow, Windows freezes or stops responding frequently,
Windows restart without warning, blue screen errors, missing Microsoft Windows .dll files,
Windows programs stop responding, regain computer hard drive space,
fatal exception error, Windows computer starts slow, Windows runtime errors and more.


We provide computer service for software related troubleshooting. 

List of trouble shooting:

Unable to install a software program
Error during installation
Program or utility does not load or has an error when it attempts to load
DOS troubleshooting 

1000fix services provide computer hardware repair services.

Our Service includes:

-Removing, repairing and replacing faulty RAM, hard disk or video/graphic card.
-Cleaning dust from RAM and Video carts slot/ports and from cooling fan.
-Tightening cable and jumpers on motherboard and/or components.
-Software related hardware problems such as device driver updates or installation

We provide level 3 computer repair service and Our level3  repair success rate is about 80%

Level-3 repair service mentioned below:

-CPU socket pin Repair & Replace
-PCH Replace
-IC Replace
-Lan port Replace
-Ram Slot Replace
-USB port Replace
-Sound port Replace
-Keyboard pin Replace
-VGA, HDMI Port Replace
-Display Port Replace
-DVI Port Replace

We Accept Service For:

How we do the service?

We receive the device from the customer with a brief of the trouble.

Our experienced engineer team diagnoses the device and prepares a service log. Also talks with the client and start the service process. 

After completion of the repair service, the engineering team forwards the device to the quality control team.

Our experienced QC team diagnoses all the issues which have been solved. 

QC section approves the eligibility of product delivery. if the got no issue and finally customer get the sms to receive the device. 

Video guide: Dell AR Assistant Walkthrough

The Dell AR Assistant app creates an augmented reality experience with step-by-step instructions to replace common parts on select Dell computers. All that is needed is an Android or iOS smartphone. The app does not require a login.

Dell AR Assistant for Android (Not available in People’s Republic of China)

Dell AR Assistant for iOS

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